TRANSIT is based in London and was formed in 2011 by bassist Colin McKenzie along with keyboards player Gabriel Keen. Current members also include kit player George Hart and percussionist Maurizio Ravalico.

Collectively the members of TRANSIT have worked in many musical genres with a diversity of artists and producers, including: Quincy Jones Productions, Jesus Alemani, Jamiroquai, Mutt Lange, Betty Davis, Paul McCartney, Alan Holsdworth, Stevie Wonder, Changuito, Billy Ocean, Bobby Bradford,Trevor Watts, Jeff Beck, Jason Yarde, Greg Osby, Tony Oxley and Don Rendell.

Members of TRANSIT have also performed at many venues throughout the world, including major jazz and music festivals.

Some of these include,

Europe London Jazz Fest, Glastonbury Music Fest, Berlin Jazz Fest, San Sebastian Jazz Fest, Skopje Jazz Fest.
U.S.A JVC Chicago, JVC New York, Monterey Jazz Fest, San Francisco Jazz Fest,        Dallas Festival of Arts/Jazz, Washington Freedom Jazz Fest.
Canada Montreal Jazz Fest, Toronto Jazz Fest, Vancouver Jazz Fest, Ottawa Jazz Fest.
China Beijing Jazz Fest , Shanghai Jazz Fest.
South America Colombia, Venezuela, Equador, Bolivia.
Australia  Sydney, Wangaratta Jazz Fest, Melbourne Jazz Fest.
New Zealand Wellington Jazz Fest.
India Madras Jazz Fest, Mumbai Jazz Fest.
Africa Sudan International Music Festival, Cameroon.

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